Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Book

I have written and am preparing for publication a novel about a pastor who ran away. He lost his passion for ministry midst doing church CEO work. And he lost his wife because he was never home.

And so he made a plan. And he ran away to the other side of the country, and no one had a clue where he was. Hey pastor, have you ever wanted to run?

This blog will be a place for pastors who hurt. I'd like for it to be a grace dispensing place for those of us who haven't run, even though we've considered it. Check in now and then, and soon I'll post a portion of my book. Maybe you'll be able to relate.


Duane said...

I am hooked...need more.

Rich Schmidt said...

Hey, David! This looks like a promising start! I'm glad you've written the book, and I'm even more glad that you've found this avenue to express what this whole burnout thing was/is like for you. My guess (and my hope, and my prayer) is that this will end up being an instrument of God's peace and healing in many pastors' lives.

Michael B Ross said...

David, thanks for including us in your process. I am excited about the positive impact your story will have on pastors across the country.

I appreciate your boldness in expressing your views and letting others affirm or challenge them. That is how new ideas are born--new ideas that are relevant and life-changing.

I believe it is going to be an exciting journey for all of us.

R said...

"I'd like for it to be a grace dispensing place for those of us who haven't run, even though we've considered it."

I'll be looking in from time to time. As you (David) know, I didn't run from ministry, it ran from me. After facilitating the birth and death of a baby church (then taking the ever-so-infamous assignment in another denomination only to learn I had nothing left to give), it seemed that no church that had any sort of salary wanted me.

And, so after trying and waiting and going into deeper debt (watching a church die is expensive; being jobless is really expensive), I finally moved on. In my new career, I'm rewarded for good performance - that's nice. In my new career I have fewer ulcers - that's nice. In my new career I can enjoy regular meals with my family and chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday mornings - these are nice and often seemed interrupted back in ministry days.

And yet, somehow I sometimes miss the ministerial days. Sometimes I dare to dream... but even though I've never run... ministry keeps getting further and further away. And, in the meantime, a paycheck has to be made.

And to those of you who want to encourage me about "finding my ministry" or "bloomig where I'm planted," I think it is better just to save your breath. You see, it hurts when you feel crafted to reflect, preach, visionize, and lead... and to know those things done well take more than the 4 or 5 hours a week I have to give. And so, rather than hurt, I just busy myself being good at my new life - great professional, proud dad, loving husband. This is a good life. And yet, I still think about IT sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I read the first chapter and was instantly hooked. Looking forward to the rest.

Mark D. said...


The first chapter is very captivating. I believe this has the making of a very good and very thought provoking story.

Anonymous said...

For Ramon - You know from years of preaching that Paul has learned to be content wherever he is and whatever he is doing. Being a good father and a great husband...what more could there be. Kudos to you!