Thursday, July 15, 2010

Runaway Characters are Acting Up Again

The writing of The Runaway Pastor was quite unintentional. There were agonies and feelings that needed expression. So many pastors were sharing their stories, that I decided to write a journal entry about a guy running away.

After writing a few pages, I saved the file as "Trent's Very Bad Day." (I was thinking of a popular children's book title.) And I thought I was finished. The next day I pulled out the lap top to add another bit to the story, and the characters just started appearing and doing things that people do.

I had often toyed with writing fiction. I once even had nearly one hundred pages into a pretty cool story set overseas. But a crashed hard drive, and a very full time job kept me out of the writing business. Then "Trent's Very Bad Day" became The Runaway Pastor, when I could not remove myself from the story; the story wrote itself, as the people did things people do. I too was often shocked at what happened.

This is why it has been so tough to write a sequel to the story. I've often told those who ask me about a sequel that I've "had that fit," and I don't feel the need to write any longer about those people. However this week, the TV in my brain went back to San Diego and Baylor's Bend, and I was surprised to see what was happening once again.

So a couple of days ago I started a sequel. And yesterday I tried to capture the half-hour of ideas that flowed through my brain on paper. It is in nothing like outline form. But there are scenes and glances, and conversations, and locations and all sorts of things happening. My friends in The Runaway Pastor are back at it. And so as I'm able, and with their permission, a sequel just may be on the way.

Thank you to all of you who encourage me! I still hear from a new reader of Runaway about two times per week. Pass the word along. Consider going to Amazon from my link--above and on the right--and buying a copy for a birthday, or begin your Christmas shopping now. (Later on, you'll be glad some of those gifts are already purchased!) Your pastor or church friends will like the book, but I'm finding many strong reviews from those outside of the church...and Trent seems to perk-up their interest in spiritual conversations.

Thank you again for all the ways you have encouraged me.


Debb said...

Ah, David, I laughed when I read your blog this morning! I teach creative writing. I also facilitate an after school writer's group. I often have conversations with my after school group, who are the really dedicated writers, about how the characters will tell you the story. It's a conversation that I'm careful about having, because only writers tend to understand this conversation. The rest of the world thinks that we're crazy when we talk about our characters telling us how the story is going to unfold. (I'm not concerned about the world thinking or believing that I'm crazy . . . it's simply a conversation that I receive blank looks from when I have it with non-writers.)

Since your characters are talking with you once again, telling you that it is time to continue the story, it sounds as if you are a confirmed writer. What a joy!

I look forward to seeing the story they relate to you this time.

David said...

Wow! Thanks for the affirmation! Our exchange daughter enjoyed your after school group, at least when it didn't interfere with her 30 or so other commitments. :)

Congratulations on your new position. I'm so grateful to you for your excellent service to the young people--and writers--of our community!

Debb said...

We loved having Gvantsa as part of the writer's group as well as being in the creative writing class. Her joy at being in the U.S. helped us all stop and appreciate our lives and all we have, a bit more. I can't wait to see her memoir about fulfilling her dream and her experiences in the U.S. That's what she wanted to work on next, and intended to begin writing it once she got back home. She'll be deeply missed this year.

Back to you with the thanks for the affirmation about my service to the community and writers. :-) As a forewarning, I'm hoping that you'll come and spend a day with my English classes and creative writing classes. I think that it is important for them to talk with "real people" most especially from the community. Now that you're working on a sequel again, it will be an excellent opportunity to talk about the writing process.

David said...

It would be my pleasure to spend a day with your writers. Thank you.

Zee said...

awesome!!! :) looking forward to reading more about Trent!

(i wonder if mom's finally done with the book - i wanna re-read it again...)

David said...

I'm also looking forward to seeing what in the world becomes of him and all of the others, Zee.