Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Church of the Clueless

The wise men--kings or magi--whatever they were, they were curious about holy things.  They were curious enough to study stars and then travel across desert lands and borders and into a foreign territory.

Such spiritual curiosity, desire and hunger is all around us. And often, like in the story of the wise men, that seeking is done by those beyond the boundaries of where holy folks hang out.

Cluelessness, like that of King Herod, is fairly common amongst God's people. "WHAT? A king? Who? Where?" That was the best response the guy in charge of God's capitol could come up with when the "unholy" ones came seeking.

Do you see the irony? Outsiders "getting it." Insiders, "Meh, not so much." Outsiders longing for God and finding their way toward God, while insiders are singing holy songs and eating holy meals at First Church of the Clueless?

How long has it been, Christian, since you have followed an inkling that God was up to something? And acted on the belief that God wanted you to go out of your way to discover and honor the birth of Something New...and Vital...and Life Changing?

Often, for me, it is easier to sing God-songs and show up at God-events, than it is to tune my radar into the current broadcast. 

I pray for a hungry heart.


John Franklin Hay said...

Well said, David.

Makes me wonder if we don't ask more questions and openly hunger and thirst for righteousness (include justice) because we were told all that was supposed be settled when we made a "full surrender" and got fully indoctrinated (and maybe embarrassed that we don't know the answers like we are supposed to...).

Here's to seeking and exploring and staying hungry!

Zee said...

I have been blessed by our group last year where most of the Bible study group was non-Christian. Our friends were curious about what makes us believe what we believe so we spent time together every Friday discussing all kinds of things.

It has been dormant for a few months due to various reasons, but I believe the seeds have been sown and hopefully we'll be able to meet regularly again soon.

But... yeah. The "outsiders" made me ask questions I have never really stopped to ask before because they were sort of a given. And when you answer those questions, it's like Christmas morning all over again and you get to open the presents.

Awesome feeling.

david said...

Thanks John and Zee. It's so easy to go on auto-pilot faith. I think it's a Gog-gift that we sense such life and joy when we connect with unconnected or impoverished people. The cutting edge of loving for the kingdom is, perhaps, where our radar can meet with the Holy.

david said...

Herod was "troubled."
He wasn't in tune with God's agenda. He was into power.
And all of Jerusalem with him.
The entire town was out of touch. Impoverished parents, shepherd were the locals in the know. But the religious elite were...clueless.
Herod had selfish motives--And the seeker/outsiders knew it.