Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beginnings, Resolutions and Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Beginnings are fraught with opportunity. At the beginning of any game, an underdog has an opportunity. When we start the engine of our car, we can aim them down any highway we desire…and that aiming has everything to do with where we will go. When we open our eyes in the morning, who's to limit what could be accomplished, change or develop during that day.

Today, I’ve been wondering about our resolutions. We want to lost weight, or gain income or travel or retire or build our career. And we imagine ways to help us accomplish these things. We map a course with every intent to keep to it.

But what if our plans are not the best ones? What if our prejudices are not wise? What if our desires will not accomplish what is best? What if the Mighty One wants to do something more mysterious, more altruistic, more big-picture? 

I’ve been thinking—in a somewhat lighthearted way—about Joseph and Mary of scripture. What if Joseph had a resolution to keep a good name for himself the year an angel told him to take a pregnant girl as his wife? What if Mary’s passionate resolution had been to stay thin for the year? What if the Wise Men had resolved to stay near home that year? What if Herod had vowed to exercise his mighty authority, even if it required vicious and hateful action? (Oh, evidently he had.) 

Getting Ahead of Ourselves
Are we getting ahead of ourselves? I guess what I’m getting at is the importance of leaving room for God to do God stuff with your plans. Maybe we shouldn’t be so certain that we know exactly what is best for us? Maybe God's priorities are different than our own?  Perhaps approaching a new year in humility quoting Mary's "Let it be for me as your Spirit wills it," would be the wisest of attitudes.  

Just wondering…

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Angie said...

I can hear Sr. Mildred in these ponderings! She often said that no matter what she'd planned for the day, her work would be to deal with whatever issues actually presented themselves.
We don't "seize" the day; we "accept" and roll with it.