Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here, There, Believe--Transitional Realities

I'm not usually a poet. But sometimes the genre can say it best for me.

These thoughts were in my heart as I prayed for a nephew, his wife and family preparing to leave their US home for a very foreign land. Those who have left home behind for long distance obedience will likely understand this best.

Transitional Realities
(From one who loves and believes in you.)
by David Hayes

Box by box, 
one armchair and ironing board at a time,
we say goodbye. 
Parting with life—with our reality—
choosing this mad calling, 
over common reason.

And children go along, for the ride, 
and newness, that you, nor they
can imagine. 

You question your decision every day or so,
but only for a moment… 
Soon tossing another memory in the “give away stack” 
with a smile no one else sees,
or understands.

Horns are honking with a foreign tone,
and mouths are speaking of different things,
and there are people who know nothing of you 
or your loves, 
or your sacrifices,
or your life…

There are children playing other games,
and teachers teaching other histories
and other alphabets,
and there are lunches smelling and tasting like something other  
than you’ve ever imagined,
And all of this happens
so very far, 
far away.

You wonder sometimes if you can cross that distance.
(Sure, you can fly and ride and walk into your new home.)
But can you learn games and histories and alphabets and sounds and smells and tastes? 
Can you cover the distance to them
To them, these whom you love before meeting, 
and to whom you give so much, before seeing?
So you hesitate at the chasm, it hits you again— 
the leaving of your close neighbor!  
your dear friends!  
your precious family!

Somehow they, 
THESE strange ones who have captured your heart,
will become your close neighbor  
Your dear friends 
And your precious family

And thus, you hold to this determined audacity not to apologize for your apparent desertions.

Peace to you, from Peace-Source.

Strength to you, from the Mighty One.

God’s hope abound in you, 
        for he who has begun this good work, will be faithful to complete it.

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