Monday, February 16, 2009

Runaway Pastor: Publishing Update

I often receive questions regarding the publication of my book, The Runaway Pastor.

Well, it's a slow world when it comes to publishing, and I'm kind of glad. I'm in another busy and exciting season of life, and it's nice to ignore the book for now. Sorry if you think I'm ignoring the blog. I'll try and do better.

A few weeks ago, my agent--Mark Gilroy--began the process of "selling" The Runaway Pastor. There has been interest from at least a couple of publishers, and as of now, we are waiting. "One has declined." It's a slow process, because each "house" is always reading multiple manuscripts hoping to choose just the right one. So we wait. And in this case, I'm enjoying the wait.

In the mean time, more and more people are downloading the newest version of first seven chapters. I would appreciate you pointing out any errors you find. I have found them every time I have reread. Email them to me, or comment--either way I'd be grateful.

Also, I appreciate your presence here. You are welcome and invited to join the growing numbers of "followers." That feature helps me know who some of you are. I'd also welcome any comments along the way. Most people are shy when it comes to commenting.

And, I'm just going to ask. If you are from Taylorsville, IN and you are following, I'd love it if you would email me and let me know who you are. You are leading most states in visits to this site! I am grateful for your presence, but so curious to know who... :)

Peace to all of you. Thanks for following along. And let me know what you like here. I've included discussion of pastoral depression, commentary on the church, devotional thoughts, journaling, etc. Let me know what you enjoy finding when you show up here.


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Jamie H Davis said...

Hi there. I read all seven chapters today, and I can't wait to see how it will end!

Since you asked.... I found a few of what I think are errors (minor ones), but I'm not totally sure. I will forward them to you. I am one of those who constantly proof-reads anything that comes my way. I don't purposely set out to proof-read things; I just naturally do it. I can't help it! :) Some people appreciate it; some dislike it. (I mean no harm.)