Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Wind of God

I've been thinking this week about the roaring wind at Pentecost. If you aren't familiar with the reference, here is a summary. When Jesus' followers (called disciples) were filled with the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit), it was on the day of Pentecost (a Hebrew Holiday). They were in a room together, when they heard a mighty-rushing wind. So I've been thinking about that.

I think of Genesis 2:7, when the creation story shows Adam, the first man, being made alive by the breath of God.

I think of Jesus (John 3) telling a skeptical, yet interested religious leader about how God's presence is like the wind. You can never tell where it is coming from or where it is going.

I think of Jesus (John 20:19-23) appearing to the disciples after his resurrection. They are all afraid and hiding. They have betrayed him and failed him and watched him die. (Yes, they feel like losers!) He shows up in the room and says "Peace!" Yeah, right. But he says it again and then he breaths on them. Then he tells them that people will be forgiven according to the level that the disciples forgive people. (That's the witnessing part, and I like it. Witnessing according to Jesus here is not making them an offer of, "If you will do this,God will do this." His version here is more that we are to be the present forgiveness of God. But I digress.

So then on the day when God shows up (Acts 2) to move into his new home (surrendered people who love him), there's wind. Sounds like God breathing life into his witnesses.

Taken a deep breath of God's Spirit lately?

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Zee said...

i desperately need it.