Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Other Side of the Struggle: Sunday Joys

If Saturday evenings brings "soul flu" to this pastor, Sunday brings healing. It's amazing to me the relief and joy that I feel the moment I'm with the people from our congregation. Even before the pressure of delivering the sermon is relieved, the presence of the people at our church brings me joy.

Good Day
Today was such a day. Immediately after entering the building, I asked a young man if he could speak with me for a moment. I issued him a huge challenge. I asked him to add another one hour meeting to his week, to commit to reading 25 chapters of scripture each week and then to meeting with me for a time of prayer, discussion of what we'd read and then a series of heavy accountability questions. He immediately said "Yes."

Walking through the various areas of the church, I was encouraged by the way people were loving one another. Before the worship service, two men prayed for me. And during the service, I felt free and strong. Delivering my sermon felt...well, it just felt right.

There is a friend at church who says, " I love it when you struggle with your sermons on Saturday, because it means we will hear something we need on Sunday.

The Other Side of the Struggle
So, after the moaning about how tough it is to deliver a sermon last weekend, and after telling you about "Saturday night fever" last night; I thought it appropriate to let you in on the good side of things.

There is nothing like Sunday afternoon, when all has gone well, and I've spoken the words which needed said; and all of us have responded as we needed to.

It's Sunday night, and I'm feeling relieved and fortunate to serve the people of my congregation. I think I'll sleep well.


Anonymous said...

Boy, do I miss your preaching...your honesty, teaching and and gut-wrenching challenges! I would do anything to be sitting under your teaching and preaching again...I so miss that!! I am so happy for your continued healing and pray for you and Shelley!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that last comment was from me. I will always appreciate all you did and your friendship to my Dave!! Deb B