Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

It's Saturday night. And I have what I sometimes call the "soul flu," it's a common Saturday malady for me.

A pastor friend posted this description on his facebook yesterday:

"God has given me an important message for Sunday. Problem is I haven't found the words to deliver it yet. Just a weight right now is the only way for me to describe it. I could use prayer."

This is how I described sermon delivery last Sunday night:

"They hurt while they form inside of you. They can make you feel sick. They make you doubt your ability to produce them. They stretch and push the limits of the bone and sinew of your soul."

For Those of You Who Have Pastors
I guess this is a post for those of you who have pastors or priests. Pray for them tonight. Saturday nights, even if they don't have Saturday evening services, are not laid-back or relaxing evenings. Your pastor, wherever she or he is, is probably thinking about tomorrow...and feeling quite inadequate.

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