Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas for The Runaway Pastor

This has been an interesting experiment. My site counter shows many people showing up here, and downloading the book chapters or parts of the Parable of the Gym that Trent wrote. Hundreds of people! People have been active on the site from every corner of the US. It is exciting to see. However, while I can see what states and cities are logging on, and how many minutes and pages they visit, and how many clicks into the book happen, I have no list of followers. I'd like to know who is out there.

OK, here are three ways you can tell me you exist. First, you can be a follower. The process for this is way easier than you may think. If you've never done this, but are interested in The Runaway Pastor, do me a favor and identify yourself.

Second, you can comment! It is also an easy process. And you can remain anonymous doing either of these if you name yourself accordingly. But I know these two things seem a bit risky to some of don't want to be seen in the cyberworld. So, there is another option...

Finally, you can simply email me. I'd love to hear from you, whatever you think. This too is very simple. Below my profile, way down the right hand side bar, you will find "Send me an email." And that is where you click and email me.

Also, if you let me know your contact information, I am beginning to build a list of people who would want to know when the book is published. I would love to autograph books that early "followers" buy. (As well as those who otherwise notify me of their interest in the book now.) Remember, I need your contact info, so if you are a follower, but leave me no email or other contact info, I cannot find you.

All I want for Christmas is a good list of those mystery people in points around the country (and globe) who are following the progress of this novel's publication. (I couldn't make those words fit into the "Two Front Teeth" song, but you could try.)

Grace and peace to you!


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