Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Magic

A little boy runs to his room on Christmas eve; he climbs up into his bed and underneath the covers. He waits for sleep to claim his excited mind. And as he listens, he hears a stirring in the front room--and he knows who is there. It's the one he met on the courthouse square, wearing the red suit with the white beard. He's come into the boy's house at night. Yet there is no fear. The child is certain the stranger will leave only blessings.

Morning breaks and with wondering eyes he steps into the front room, looking under the tree. Mystery; magic fills the air. He sees it in the misty eyes of his mother and the smile of his father. He feels it in his sisters' giggles. And peace breaks-out.

Growing-up takes the magic out of Christmas. We are certain we will get our gifts because we have our place in the family or business. We buy because we know we should and enjoy doing it. But do we expect anyone to sneak into the place we live--quietly, mysteriously, impossibly--leaving blessings behind? Is there room for a pregnant virgin, or singing angels? Do we listen for Mary's song declaring justice?

Or do we think that any gift, or any good will come only because we vote for change, or work for income, or earn the love of our dear ones? Is there room for magic, mystery or spirit stuff in your adult world this Christmas?

"Unless you become like children..."


Beardo's offspring said...

...unless you become like children. Wham! That hit me right in the face, what a reminder that I needed this Season. Thank you.

Zee said...

there's still magic, although a bigger part of it is gone now that half of the family is gone. yet, the magic wonderfully remains bringing that indescribable joy when one remembers the "reason for the season"... indescribable and unexplainable joy that bubbles inside and bursts out to be shared with others who don't seem to remember the good ol' days...

and although we might grow up to "understand" some of the magic, there's so much more unexplainable that if one only wishes to believe, there is a lot to believe in.