Monday, December 1, 2008

More of The Runaway Pastor: Part Two--Parable of the Gym

Here is the second part of Trent's journal entry--The Parable of the Gym.

If you have not yet read the first seven chapters of The Runaway Pastor, please begin there by following the link in the top right hand box.

Peace to you.

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Jennifer said...

I think it is important to remember that none of us were born running. There are many developmental stages we all went through the first year of our physical life. Just a few:
Holding up head and focusing.
Sitting up and paying attention.
Beginning forward movement with army crawling and then up on all four.
Walking around furniture while holding on for support.
Walking on own, and eventually moving faster to a run.
This life is a marathon and and it doesn't matter how quickly you run because we are not in competition with one another. What matters is to keep forward momentum and make it to the finish line. That is where we will each have the opportunity to each cross the line and break the tape! Some will sprint, some will jog, some will walk and some will stumble over that line each one with the desire to hear "well done, my good and faithful servant". In the mean time, encourage one another daily! My goal today, encourage someone today that is at the walking stage to keep walking and walk with them for a bit!