Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Runaway Pastor--A New Novel Is Almost Here

I wrote The Runaway Pastor nearly two years ago. It was a quick and passionate story that came from the deepest part of my soul. I had known the pain of depression, and had spoken with many pastors who were suffering from anxiety and a pervasive gloomy sadness.

As I mentioned earlier, each twist and turn in the plot was a surprise to me. I did not write the book with a pre-planned story in mind. Rather, I sort of felt my way through, and like you I was surprised when characters did what they did.

This book was written as therapy. I had no plans to share it, or to seek its publication. As family members read bits and pieces, I gained the confidence to invite others into the story. Now there have been several hundred people to go to the first seven chapters, and many of you have communicated with me your desire to read more. Well, I guess that time is at hand.

I have hesitations about making the entire book public. But I will because it is my hope that pastors everywhere will be understood in a better way. True, Trent is not every pastor. But it is also true that he represents dozens of senior pastors who have opened up to me before I wrote this book, and many more who have communicated since. So I write for the love of pastors.

I also write out of love for Christ's Church. I know it doesn't seem that way as the pages of the story unfold. But I believe "the person and presence of Jesus" is still a needed reality. I am sad to say that too often that needed reality gets lost in the modern business model adopted many church organizations. And so with this work I seek to challenge the church as we too often see it.

Well, we are moving closer to publication, and I hope you are looking forward to getting hold of a copy as much as so many who are writing me. As the days move ahead, I intend to post a group study built around The Runaway Pastor. Follow along!

Grace and peace to you.


Zee said...

i kept thinking of Runaway Pastor lately (and not just because you shared the good news about the publishing)... keep feelin' like Trent every once in a while and finding strength in unlikely places...

this book is gonna be GOOOOOD. i can't wait to see the reaction of people who read the whole thing.

david said...

Hey Zee! Thanks for the enthusiasm. If you need to Skype sometime, give me a shot. Next week I should be in the office and on line. Peace to you my bratty friend.