Monday, August 24, 2009

Updates and Fun Days

Hey everyone. I had a great time hiking with some friends last week. I hope to post some pics on facebook soon. Meanwhile, if you go to my profile you will see an album posted by Eric and Joy (fellow hikers). You can read my first impressions of our hike at .

I am making a run through of The Runaway Pastor for errors, and any of you who find typo's or other errors in the chapters I've had up, you are invited to point them out. Soon the final draft will be uploaded, and the publishing process will be underway.

I look forward to changing the format of this blog a bit in order to help get the word out about The Runaway Pastor. There will be a few initial book signings, and various events to market the book. If you would like to have a book signing in your area, I will be sure to make every effort to see it happen. This is all new to me.

I have very few extra hours in my months, and so I'll be finding my way along in this new venture. I know this has been obvious with my absence from here lately. Sorry. I'll get it figured out.

Peace to you!

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