Monday, October 5, 2009

Pastors and Mondays

Today is Monday, and it's a funny seems a lot like any other day of the week! I cannot believe it! How can this be?? I'm not exhausted, depressed, sad, worried, overwhelmed or despondent. Oh yeah! I'm on vacation. I attended church yesterday. I didn't lead a church. I left afterward and enjoyed the day--inspired by what I had experienced.

But on most Mondays, I am still recovering. Here is a link to an a blog post that you must read if you are--or if you have--a pastor.

I know that two weeks from today it will be Monday, and I will have led worship and spoken God's word on Sunday. I am grateful for that calling and that honor. But I am trying to understand what goes on inside of me that makes Sunday such a challenge. I hope you will read the above link. Very informative.

Christ's peace to you.


Doug Boquist said...

Enjoy your vacation brother! Squeeze every drop of restoration out of it you can.

Mark said...

Rest and enjoy what time is left, praying for restoration.

Zee said...

Ashleigh Brilliant (british author) once said - “Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest”

glad that you could take the time off. enjoy your vacation ;-)