Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Runaway Pastor: Printing Now--and Availability Questions Answered

If I understand correctly, this week the first copies of The Runaway Pastor will be printed. This is a gratifying moment for me. I am grateful to have reached this point in the journey. I'm not just jumping up and down, or giddy. Just grateful.

Many of you have been asking when you will be able to get a copy of the book. The answer is "soon." Here are the phases as I understand them. First, I will receive a shipment I've ordered as soon as they are available. I'll sell these when I speak, or do other events. Second, bookstores should be able to order through Ingram almost immediately after the printing. However, until a market has been developed, most sales will happen online. Third therefore, will be Amazon sales--which should come about 3 weeks after the first books are available to bookstores. I will have a link at my website (currently under construction)to the book on Amazon. That will be the simplest place for you to get the book.

I believe I will be doing a book signing at The Book Loft, a locally owned and operated bookstore in Nashville, Indiana. This is currently scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon, October 25. The date could change according to book availability and a newspaper interview that needs to take place first.

I just wanted to update you on the timing of things. And finally, I will soon be moving most things related to the book to the website linked above. This site will be reserved for blogging and possibly introducing new writing in the future. (By the way, there are conversations now about taking down the first seven chapters of the book. So if you think you know anyone interested in seeing those before they potentially disappear, you might send them to this link.

Peace to you. And think of me Friday and Saturday as I drive back across a little more than 800 miles of the Eastern USA. But I'll be heading home, and that sounds nice.

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