Monday, October 26, 2009


So here I sit in my favorite Monday morning haunt, Muddy Boots Cafe. The autumn sun is shining a faded green through the ivy covered windows, and the table where friends gather is already celebrating friendship, and toasting the past weekend with a locally roasted cup. One of their celebrations this morning is that my novel, THE RUNAWAY PASTOR, is now up on .. How incredibly special it is to live in a place where they greet you by name, know what you'll order when you walk in, and walk your life together with you.

Several people are asking how they can "get the word out about the book." Thanks for asking. First, you can tell your friends about the book. My hope is that this will be read by people who have pastors. I so hope to help people feel a bit of what can go on in the heart and life of their pastor's family. Once you've read it, share the impact it has on you.

Second, if you are on facebook, twitter, or other social networking sites, link the amazon order page with a personal recommendation. Simply say something like "I like this" (or whatever kind of endorsement you want to give it,) then cut and paste this url to your status, a link will appear, then tweet or share it. Thanks!

Third, if you have read the book (and have a positive response :), it would be wonderful if you could give me a review on These reviews help people make decisions on the book, and draw attention to it.

I hate to be so mercenary here, however, my muddy boots friends have reminded me of just how friends celebrate one-another's joys. Thank you for sharing mine, even if it has only been with a quick smile.

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Rich Schmidt said...


If you want to shorten that link a bit, you can leave off the "ref=" and everything after it.

I created a short URL so I could tweet about it. It includes my referral link, so I'll know how many people buy the book because of me. :)

Thanks for the signed copy! I can't wait to read the whole thing! (Maybe today!)