Thursday, November 20, 2008

Posting more of the Book

I will be posting another portion of The Runaway Pastor this weekend.

For those of you who have read the first 7 chapters, you will have something new to read. And if you haven't yet read these beginning chapters, now is a chance to catch-up before the next portion comes out. Also, you could let your friends know.

Several of you must be passing the word about Runaway on, because people from several states have jumped on board here. In fact, today I found that of the more than 200 individual computers have visited to check out Runaway!

And so this Saturday I will put up more of the book. The next five portions are going to be from Trent's journal entries. (Trent is the lead character in the book.) These will be a good place for you to discuss Trent's thoughts about today's church. Your comments, challenges or thoughts could help me write discussion questions which possibly could accompany the book at publication, or be available on-line once the book is published.

You could also challenge Trent's thinking. (I'll be disappointed if you buy everything he says.) So let your friends who are following this story know that more is coming, and to be prepared for discussion in the comments field.

By the way, if you are having trouble posting comments I'll pass on a comment made earlier by a friend: Just so you know, nobody needs to register in order to comment on your blog. They can "choose an identity" and use (1) a Google/Blogger account, (2) an OpenID account, (3) whatever Name & URL/website they want, or (4) be anonymous. It's all right there above the Publish & Preview buttons.

I'll look forward to seeing your comments here.



Rich Schmidt said...

Woo-hoo! :) I'm looking forward to reading more!

I hadn't actually read any of it until you'd posted chapter 7, and then I read it all at once. So I'm excited to hear that more is on the way!

By the way.... How many chapters are there? Or better yet: How far through the book are we? Are we halfway through? A third? A fourth? With no physical book in our hands, we don't know if we're picking up a 100 pager or 800 pager! :)

david said...

we are about a third of our way through the book.

This next section will not be long, thus not make a huge difference. It is a journal section where Trent writes in a parabolic style. So you won't learn much more about the direction of the plot, except for the direction of Trent's thinking.

Anonymous said...
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