Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some assistance please!

I'm going to write some housekeeping stuff here. I would truly love to hear from you on these things.

First, is the new format (white instead of blue) easier to look at? Harder to read? I need your votes.

Second, do you know of any good web masters? I'm planning an eventual addition to this blog--a website where I can keep the book up front, while still posting to to the blog.

Third, How can I make commenting easier? My traffic counter says the readership is growing, and there are a significant number of page views each day, with a better than average amount of time on those pages. The number of followers is growing, and I get regular communication from some of those reading the book or blog. (I've had visits from 7 different countries!) However, the commenting has slowed considerably. (One thing I've heard is that in order to comment, some have had to re-register with Google each time. Hmmm. Sorry. I don't get that, shouldn't be so. You need a user name--whatever you want--and a password.)

Finally, I am still struggling with a decision on how far to go with posting the book here. The goal is readership, which would ultimately be best served by publishing. And the theory is that I need at least a few hundred people who would buy the first edition of the book right away in order to defray at least a portion of the losses I'd have from the initial printing.

One author puts his entire manuscript out there, as I have only in part, and lets it sink or swim. If people like it, he figures they'll pay to purchase it.

(Some have flatly asked: "Why do you want this book to be read?" I feel the book challenges us at some core places, and I've already heard from multiple pastors who have implemented new family priorities, recommitted to their spiritual life, or delegated much of their administration. It is so encouraging to hear of these positive changes.)

It has become obvious that people visit this site for the chapters of the book, with fewer visiting to read the regular posts. That is gratifying, but difficult. I can't continue to post things like "First Seven Chapters," without the obvious redundancy. Suggestions?

Finally, ANY suggestions you have for me would be welcomed.

O well. This has been a fun exercise and gives me a chance to write for more than my journal. Thanks for your presence here.



Rich Schmidt said...


Some quick answers:

1. The format's fine. So was the last one. Aren't I helpful? :)

2. I could set something up for you, but I probably wouldn't have time to spend on it after that. You'd be able to update it yourself, though. Email me if you're interested. No problem if you'd rather use someone else, though. I have plenty on my plate. :)

3. Just so you know, nobody needs to register in order to comment on your blog. They can "choose an identity" and use (1) a Google/Blogger account, (2) an OpenID account, (3) whatever Name & URL/website they want, or (4) be anonymous. It's all right there above the Publish & Preview buttons.

4. I have no opinion on this one. :) I just don't know enough about how the publishing process works.

Rich Schmidt said...

One other thing you could do...

When you post a link to the next Google Doc (or anything else), you can make it an actual link. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link, then click the little link button (up by the bold, italics, etc, buttons... it looks like a globe with a chain link on it) and paste or type the link into the pop-up box.

Doing this lets someone just click the link instead of having to copy & paste it.

This doesn't necessarily affect any of your questions, but it helps make your blog a little easier to use. :)

Zee said...

i liked the previous look better for one reason - i love it when the text is contained in a narrow table... (like the comments part here, where i type), but that might be me. otherwise i love the colors and the design. it's fresh :)

wish i was a better web-master so i could help. as of now, i am just learning stuff by tweaking and working with the Chamber site... but then, most of the time i work with a programmer (although i can do some stuff on my own by now...)...

3. agree with Rich. you don't need to log on if you don't want to. i prefer to use my blogspot identity, but it never asked me for re-signing in. the problem might be with some of the people's internet options when the system's not accepting cookies (silly system, cookies are yummy!)))))

and finally, although i'd LOVE to finally find out how Trent worked out his problem, i'd rather wait for the real book to come out. i've got old views in this area, i need to feel the book, smell the ink, and turn the pages (and writing on the margins:))))... and although i'm known for reading and re-reading books i like, if you post more chapters online, that might lose you a few future readers (since some people read the book once and dat's dat)... IMHO.

Anonymous said...


I do like the format. Seems easier on the eyes. I'd like to say something that has been brewing in my mind since reading the last chapter. This coming from someone who's never led or pastored a large group, just regular avg.Joette, this book has touched me b/c even in my life there was a time when I wanted to runaway somewhere, anywhere, and disappear so I think your profoundly real & heart searching book is something that not just a Leader or Pastor should read. This may've already been said in an earlier blog but I'm just catching up and processing it all. This is truly a book for anyone and I would hate for it to be marketed just for Pastors & Leaders, although I can't BEGIN to imagine the supreme pressure put on you to be perfect and all knowing, that IS something I can't relate to but the way you've incorporated such feeling and open 'deepness' made me feel some of the same feelings Trent was feeling. Again, not to the depth of what you and others have been through and are going through but in my own world and mind I could relate w/the feelings of wanting to not be Noel--wife, daughter,friend,employee,sister,granddaughter,Daddy's girl--the place on the beach that Trent is currently staying sounds like a sweet haven that I could actually feel myself gravitating towards in that time of my life. I know this is very wordy, but PLEASE PLEASE, IF ANYONE IS STILL READING THIS....PLEASE ENCOURAGE DAVID TO KEEP GOING WITH THIS PRECIOUS GIFT HE HAS, IN THE NAME OF OUR FATHER, AND I ALSO PRAY THAT THE WAY WILL FIND YOU TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT BEING A HUGE FINANCIAL BURDEN. THIS BOOK NEEDS PUBLISHED AND SHARED W/THE WORLD. Think of all the CEO's and other leaders that could totally relate to this!!! And how it could open them up to the wonderment of Jesus Christ who will follow through with them if they will allow them. WOW! That excites me! Thanks again David for sharing this with all of us. Lead On!! Beardo's Offspring

Anonymous said...

I started reading your book just yesterday and have not only finished it today, but have also read all of the blogs and comments up until this one. This may sound silly, but this is the first blog that I've ever read. I've been drawn in. God is using you. I have been challenged and inspired. I agree--your book is for everyone. I'm not a pastor, but I'm married to one. In a way that makes me feel like a pastor since our lives are united as one. I believe that anyone could relate to the characters in your book in some way. I did. No one rises above the temptations faced in the story. It is so well written that I was wondering if it was based on a true story. You have been gifted. Stand firm in Christ, with the shield of faith held before you. And by the way, I will buy your book...and I will be praying for the Holy Spirit to be the author of all that is left to write.