Saturday, November 15, 2008

Publishing Update

I attended a the Indianapolis Christian Writer's Conference last weekend. It was my first. I learned that it is tougher than ever to get a book published, or even to find an agent to represent you. There is some good news however.

First, my book will be published. More on that later.

Currently I have an agent, and another has my manuscript, and I'm awaiting word. The better news is a major publisher is reading the manuscript. (Note: about 1-3% of what these publishers read, ever gets published. So, this is not a quick or certain process. However, this publisher accepts no unsolicited manuscripts, and mine was certainly unsolicited. So to be this far is very encouraging!)

Also, I have had email conversations with a overwhelmingly successful self-publisher. He has the current best selling Christian title, and no publisher would take the manuscript. His coaching to me is to continue building a following via the internet. This is a slow process, and a new challenge for me.

In my first couple of months online, I've had visitors from 10 countries, and from 29 of the United States. New people look in each day, many for a few seconds, and others for a while. I receive comments on the chapters I've posted, like this one.

I started reading your book just yesterday and have not only finished it today, but have also read all of the blogs and comments up until this one. This may sound silly, but this is the first blog that I've ever read. I've been drawn in. God is using you. I have been challenged and inspired. I agree--your book is for everyone. I'm not a pastor, but I'm married to one. In a way that makes me feel like a pastor since our lives are united as one. I believe that anyone could relate to the characters in your book in some way. I did. Even though I have no idea who wrote this, these messages are very encouraging.

Now, I am moving forward. If no publisher decides to pick up my novel...and maybe even if they offer, I will self-publish with the encouragement of the friend above, as well as several in the business of publishing. I will let you know if or when that happens. In the mean time, your comments, , and your presence as a follower of this blog, and your word of mouth/telling a friend about the novel and the first seven chapters here are helping. Thank you.

If you believe in what is happening, keep praying and letting me know.

Grace and peace to you.

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