Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diminished doom and grins replace whining.

Last evening at our church's Trunk R Treat was a great time. I had my discussion with my friend who had the bone to pick. Wow, let me emphasize friend. "Bone to pick with you meetings" can really jaundice a great friendship, and the dread, or sense of doom can overshadow deeper truth: That we are one in Christ. And so, we sat and spoke about our disagreement over how I am handling the situation, next to a fire, smiling and being kind. And a child came to us with s'mores. I suppose to that child we looked like the friends we are, rather than an argument.

As I walked across the parking lot, between goblins and princesses, I also noticed the wager of email-war I mentioned yesterday--loving on the people around her, and being the incredible person she is.

Weaknesses. A commonality in the body of Christ. All of us broken and picked-back-up. All of us with passions that sometimes get in the way of our kingdom family ties. But after it all--I'm trying to remember--the next time Doom comes to call, it is probably exaggerating its own power. And the Mighty One has won another skirmish in my spirit.

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