Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to Lay Down a Life, When Life Has You Down

The garden needs planted. There's cleaning to do. Next winter's wood is not cut and split. You can't afford the electric bill. You're behind at the job. The car needs an oil change. You're concerned about your children. The lawn needs mowing. You may lose your job. Your savings are gone. You're wondering about your marriage. You wish you were married. You wish you'd never met him/her.

We are told: The flu is spreading. The recession is scary. Children are kidnapped. Big business is corrupt. Pirates are pirating. Stock market is plummeting. Our government is corrupt. Murder is highlighted. Terrorists are terrorizing. Newscasters are smiling--casting fear like a treble-hook lure, seeing who they can reel-in and clean for dinner.

And scripture tells us to lay down our lives for each other? Seems like life already has us face down on the living-room floor...enough already! What's left to give?

When they get home, hug them. When they cry, sit with them. When they laugh, laugh with them. When they're hungry, feed them. When they're thirsty, give them something to drink. When they are in prison or in the hospital, visit them. When they are naked, clothe them.

When you're hungry, admit it. When you're lonely, tell a friend. When you're happy, share it. When you are sick, accept the kindness. When you are in need, welcome gifts gracefully. We really do need each other!

Watch him pull out his wallet and lay down dollars for the family's daily bread. Watch her place her check in the collection box. See as he loves that bad girl. Don't miss it as she befriends the ugly duckling. There's Dad going to the factory with a limp and a fever. There's that neighbor spending the night at the bedside of her dying friend. And there's the single Mom working and sweating and giving and serving and missing a companion.

Love one I have loved you. Jesus

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Zee said...

magnificent writing. David, Trent, and Cam all in one and at their best.

*sigh* too true and so hard.