Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ministry and Beard Trimmer Batteries

Sorry no new stuff yet. This week I expected I'd be flying high. I'm fresh back from vacation, and yet already feel pooped. Recharging my batteries seems to take longer than it used to. And the charge just doesn't last for very long. My soul is no longer an Ever-Ready Bunny.

I have a beard trimmer that is much like me. When I first got it, months would go by without the need to recharge its battery. But now, the tool is aged and on constant life-support. Often it fades into a torture-inducing, whisker-tugging instrument before it can even finish one complete trimming.

I need to replace my beard trimmer--its battery is shot.

But I keep on trying to squeeze just one more use out of it. The good news is, I can get a new one...

I'm counting on Isaiah's words, that if I strength will be renewed. But maybe someone someday will just make the call, and do the replacement thing with me.

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