Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reminder: FREE chapters of The Runaway Pastor

I had a great conversation with an old friend this morning. We hadn't spoken in a while, and she was surprised to know that I had written a book, and have another on the way. I told her about this site, and the free chapters available here from The Runaway Pastor. I mentioned to her that just about every day someone new goes to the link to read the initial chapters of the book. A few hundred people, groups and families have done so thus far.

Well, I want to do a little self promotion here, and ask you to let someone know about the link for these free chapters today. If you know of someone that might relate to The Runaway Pastor, send them the link to this blog or to the first seven chapters of The Runaway Pastor.

Soon I hope to be announcing the publishing of the book, and I'm not sure if these free pages will have to be taken down, or if I may even be able to add more.

Either way I'm excited to take those next steps, and I'd like to have a feel for how many people out there are waiting to get a copy of the published product. It helps if those interested let me know. Many have, but there are downloads happenning in most states and several countries. If you are one of those that have not communicated with me, hop on as a follower, or send me an email. I'd love to hear your comments.

And once again, I want to thank you for taking a look into the lives of many discouraged people who are pastors. Remind your pastor that you appreciate them, and try and stay attuned to the struggles they face that might make them want to run away. The book paints the picture which so many pastors have shared with me over time.

Grace and peace to you and to all who go by the name "Pastor."


Zee said...

*thumbs up* i think it's a fun idea to let people get their appetite goin' with a few chapters in advance :) (but then, i usually avoid preview chapters whenever they are included in a book - i end up wanting to read the other one and usually i can't get hold of it)... )))))

Mark said...

Would love to purchase the first and second book whenever possible. I imagene it will make a difference in my life even where I am at with Him as a Pastor. We all feel alone in the journey most of the time, so blessings on your gifts.