Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wet Jeep. Life is Good.

I left the Jeep outside last night with the top down. It began to rain this morning, and I ran out to find that it had done so during the night. So, I splashed as much of the puddle out of my seat as possible, hopped in and drove the moving pool into the carport.

The reason it wasn't inside in the first place? It's a tight fit right now. We have some construction materials in there, because we are building a screened-in porch onto our house.

When I pulled into the narrow spot under roof, I knocked a ladder over and into the side of our other car...removing some paint. Then I ran over a plastic corner of our weed eater. No real damage there, however.

So anyway, I put a couple of towels on the seat and drove to the office. Not supposed to rain any more.

It did. So, standing in the rain, putting the top up, and splashing puddles off of the seats; I got very wet. Fortunately, earlier this morning, I had found a towel I'd left behind the platform after our May baptism service.

So, right now I'm sitting in my office with a nice towel around my wet shirt and back, smiling and thinking what good problems these are to have.

Later this week, I'll be out buzzing around with the top down on my jeep, letting the last of this rain dry into the summer sky. I'll be smiling because any trip in the Jeep with the top down is a vacation--even if I'm on my way to work.

And someday, I won't even remember the gash in my car door (who cares anyway?), or the crease in the weed-eater, or the chills I feel from the cold damp on my shoulders. But I'll be able to sit in the rain, under the roof of my screened-in porch, and enjoy a summer shower.

That's about as close to calming a storm as I'll ever get.

One of my friends always says: "David, we aren't in a fifty yard dash. Life is a marathon." Today is a beautiful summer reminder--an intimate encounter with nature--telling me that life is good...just as it says on the tire cover on the back of my Jeep.



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Jamie H Davis said...

I love the "who cares anyway?" comment in the parentheses. Way to keep this stuff in perspective, and I agree wholeheartedly!!

This fits right in with my current reading of Ecclesiastes.... one of my most favorite books of the Bible!