Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wheel Chairs and Walkers

We just finished our monthly Senior's lunch at church. (I guess this is where we get the reputation for being "do-gooders.") Wow, we have a good time.

We begin at the local nursing home, gathering those who want to join us. They are loaded in our van, and several wheel chairs are placed in the back of another truck for the journey. Once here, we reverse the order and unload our friends.

Food is prepared and shared with several of our own and several from the home. There is laughter and much conversation, at least until the eating starts. It gets pretty quiet and serious at that point. Then during dessert, lots of smiles return and friendships are bonded.

As the gang lines up in their chairs or with their walkers, fond farewells are exchanged along with jokes about the need for strong supports under the highway bridge on the return trip. (We do put away a lot of food.)

Today there were college aged guys joining the seniors. We hosted church attenders, but mostly those who don't. And at the end--I had gotten to know a Korean War vet, a shawl-wearing woman finally has a name and I learned something new about an old friend.

When Jesus sent out his disciples to do his work, he told them to take nothing for the journey. Maybe we pack too much when we go to tell our good news? Maybe all we really need to to give away the stuff inside of us--which is leftover from our time spent with him?

I'm not sure. I only know there is a lot of joy in unpacking and repacking wheelchairs and walkers, especially when those using them come equipped with a silent strength of their own.


Peter said...

What a nice way to be the arms of Jesus touching people in a non-threatening way. I will steal, er... use this idea here.

Jamie H Davis said...

Aw, what a neat day you had! I love elderly people.