Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Car Seats and Drop-Offs

I'm feeling like a younger dad again. This morning my wife left early for work up north. I was left to get breakfast and coffee for our exchange student. I got her to school late. I never think to put the top down on my Jeep for her...you know, I just "rough it" in the fog or cold when I'm on my own. And I have been doing things alone for quite a while.)

Due to an illness, I needed to drop-off my grand-daughter at the sitter's. I did put the top up for the baby, no roughing it for her...it was threatening rain! I had to physically climb into the back of the Jeep in order to buckle the car seat contraption into place. (Glad no one was watching.) I really miss the old way of having kids face forward in the passenger seat. I still held hands with her on the way.

My son text-messaged me from his college and we are hoping to have lunch together. These are good times. There are many things about life that are hard most of the time, including right now. But I'm enjoying being a dad, a foreign exchange dad, and a papa.

Seasons change, and so do we. But life moves on and there are blessings all around.

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