Thursday, September 24, 2009

Timing for the release of THE RUNAWAY PASTOR, and More Readers Every Day!

Timing. Everyone is asking when The Runaway Pastor will be available for purchase. As I understand it, I will be able to get some pre-publication copies for an early book signing or two in October. But it will be at the end of October, or the beginning of November before Amazon and other online bookstores will have them available. At that time, I will put a link here at this site for you to connect to Amazon for orders.

Readership Growth. The number of readers of the first seven chapters of The Runaway Pastor continues to grow. Three times as many people have gone to those pages online in the past three weeks, than in any previous month. I am getting daily comments from people who have just discovered the book, and are excited to get it.

Several of you have put a link on your facebook status to the book. I am really grateful, and you have no idea how many new people are coming simply because you have linked it. Thank you so very much.

I'm moved by the number of people who are mentioning their own pastors, and their longing to better understand them. That is a major hope of mine: To help people understand the unique struggles, joys and hopes of clergy. There is much hope in my novel, and as you get beyond chapter 7, you will see it more and more.


Zee said...

*book signing*... wow. you definitely start to sound like a NY bestselling author :) tee hee. way to go, bro, way to go :)

david said...

Just a local bookstore, no big deal, really.