Monday, November 9, 2009

Entering Rest

The earth draws tightly its cloak. The soil begins to harden imperceptibly. Days shorten and nights close in around the garden. Even the most hardy blooms bow for their last curtain call of the the year. Winter is coming; nighttime is calling us to nestle-in. It is time to rest, to let the pace die for a while.

Oh how we wish it were true. More organic cultures follow the seasons like a clock, welcoming the winter's night. They rest and restore relationships--not even considering that these things are preparation for the spring to come. They live the season, and this should be a time for breathing, laughter and snoring.

Not the electric light crowd. Rest is for the weak, not the weary! So we rush and squeeze our tired psyche's for another drop of productivity. Like a child refusing a nap, we neglect the sweet dreams of relationships, hearth and home. These are for weaker folk of days gone by. We must spin on toward our own demise and burn the wick until it meets its frazzled end.

What season will this be for you?


Zee said...

makes me wish for university days... when during the winter holidays, i spent most of my days just simply resting... it was weird at first to be free when all my friends were either studying or working (my holidays always started earlier than those in the other universities), but i came to enjoy it after a while.

not so much free time these days, but thankfully there is time to rest. time to enjoy the blessings.

btw, love the quote "Even the most hardy blooms bow for their last curtain call of the the year"

david said...

Thanks Zee. Yeah, I remember those holiday breaks...dropping it all for a while. Sounds sweet. Maybe you can write about how we can catch "time to rest. time to enjoy the blessings." I'd love to hear more.

Zee said...

deal. maybe even tonight as i get home :)))) (i'll take time and enjoy the blessings of my blog... naz one)))

Mark said...

Neglecting the sweet dreams of relationships, hearth and home is so poetically, yet discouraging because of all you just said, we are no longer there in these days. I love what Zee said, oh how I remember those days and often seek refuge there even now, many years later. My prayer, desire and hope is that God bestows this to us all, especially those who need so desperately the time for breathing, laughter, snoring and most of all friendship and family. Again you are a blessing!