Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day, Hope, and my first book signing.

I woke in the middle of the night and remembered Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration talking to Moses and Elijah. The ancient Celts observed a day near November 1 when they observed a time when a "thin place" exists between our world and the next. Surely transfiguration's mountain moment was such a thin place--Jesus being counseled by a couple of Old Testament heroes who had been gone for several centuries.

Today we wake to a new month and new Sunday. I pray both will be thin places for you. I pray you will know peace with your tomorrows, and a fearlessness in the face of mystery. I pray we can hold confidence in the most trying of times that there is the One who can speak "Come forth!" And that at the end of the journey there will be a "Well done." This morning I long to instill such hope in some dear people.

(Seems "hope" is an abused that has become hollow and less sacred. I wish we could reserve it for use amongst people of faith. I wish it were a word we shared amongst friends and heard only from poets. It should be the domain of intimacy, not fifth avenue.)

Today I'll have my first book signing. The entire process goes against my nature. I've never wanted an autograph, though I guess I have enjoyed a signed book from a few friends. I hope I'll be able to encourage a few friends with some written words in the front of a book.

I hope you will know peace today.


Zee said...

i like the idea of thin places...

and don't worry about the book signing - 1. you've earned that right and 2. it's indeed gonna be a blessing for those who will buy the book and read it and will meet the man behind the book so to speak (even though you're not Trent)

*hugs* ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, so now I don't know if I should ask you to sign my book or not. Hummmm. When will you be in Muncie - - or Alexandria?
Mary Griffis (Muncie First church and mother of Michael, whom you know!) Hope this was a great day for you regardless of how you feel about signings.

Jamie H Davis said...

Awesome day for you.

David said...

The signing went very well. I was so moved by the hurting people that came. I can't help but think that the book will give me opportunities to meet seekers and hopefully to give them direction. Thanks for the word of encouragement Zena. You are good at that. Mary, I will let you know when I get up that way, and please know that I remember you by your name. :) I'll be happy to sign your book, and found myself enjoying it yesterday. Gives me a chance to thank you.

Mark said...

A bit late, but instilling hope is who you are and what I'm sure you did on the day of the book signing.