Monday, November 23, 2009

Preparing for Advent--One More Time

It is far too simple to stand on the outside, and think I know what is inside. As I approach Advent, it is far too easy to assume that the titles, texts and themes I prepared in early October are completed projects. We know what's going to happen, right? The Word becomes flesh. God is with us. Don't be afraid. A virgin with child. Approaching Advent can feel like a late year return to the same old amusement park, with a well worn season pass.

But this is no time for amusement. "A-muse".
"A" = not.
"Muse" = think.
Not think.

This is not a season to enter with a closed mind or a closed heart. For those who will lead congregations or bible studies or friends in the process of living another Advent, I throw out this challenge: Live it new. Live the story for the first time. Discover the staggering truths of this season just one more time

And let's drop the pretense that we can teach or lead in this mysterious territory. Seek to see the invisible. Try to believe the impossible. Pray that we can explain the unimaginable. And we will approach our task humbly, with wise-men hearts--knowing there is a king somewhere at the end of the journey, but not yet sure where to find him.


Veiga said...
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Mark said...

Finding the King in the midst of the journey is what it is about for me right now. My feeling of being lost, disoriented to some degree is so foreign yet, here I am. I'm looking more forward to this Advent then maybe previous ones in the past, only to find hope that hasn't been shown to me before, maybe.

Zee said...

i guess that's the trap many "old" Christians fall into (me, included) - we take so much for granted, we're used to the miracles (kinda like the Israelites in the desert - stranded in the middle of nowhere and complaining about food literally "out of blue"...)

heh, another reminder that we should be like kids - excited about silly and random things )))