Monday, November 2, 2009

What I'm learning about books.

I'm learning quite a lot these days, and some of it is as a result of The Runaway Pastor. For one thing, it is great to have good friends who encourage you along the way. I wrote this book two years ago, and friends, especially here at this blog site, have encouraged me bit by bit all along. Thank you! It has been fun. I remember putting the first chapters on line just over a year ago, and then hearing back from some of you and realizing that maybe someone else would enjoy/benefit from what was going on in my head.

I've learned that the process of getting published is just as tough as "they" say it is, and that having a determined and effective book agent is important. I've learned that the publishing business is changing beyond what anyone can believe, and that bookstores are in crisis because of the Walmarts and Targets of the world. Those nine and ten dollar hardbacks you are hearing about this season are going to be the end of many local booksellers. Only they can afford to work those prices and even take the losses (in order to get you into their stores). They could completely own the bookstore market within a few years. That is why instead of selling my books to my local friends directly, I supported my local bookstore by selling my books there.

I've learned that is a huge change in the way books are sold. I've learned that I need many online reviews there (your review would be coveted!)and that my ranking in the book world this morning was 27,804th--at the highest I've seen! I hear that is good for a start; but numbers like that--or one that was a hundred thousand higher--will calm any ego trips. I have NO IDEA how many books have sold. Won't know for about a month.

I've learned at a book signing yesterday that no matter the title, many people are interested in this book because they are hurting, looking for hope, and longing to run. I can't tell you how many "Runaway" books people told me I should write. Several people who "don't do church" spoke to me yesterday, and a couple with tears in there eyes. I hope to stay in contact with them. One told me she is looking for hope, yet doesn't know where to look. She knows I'm a pastor in town, and I now know where she works.

I'm learning that a diversion from my "day job" is a good thing. In fact it fits hand in glove. Mostly I'm learning to take a day at a time and see what happens. To stay close to you my friends and to love those that give me a chance. More later.

Peace to you.

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Mark said...

I have a ton to say with this, but can't put it into words like you have, so I'll just say nothing.