Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Runaway Pastor--All Five Chapters

Just wanted to get all five chapters of THE RUNAWAY PASTOR up in one place. Here is the link for all I have posted to date of my new novel:

Yesterday someone asked me why I've written this book? First, so far, you've seen the very hurt version of the lead character Trent. I wanted us all to experience what might happen if a pastor followed through on common escape fantasies. Second, as the book unfolds, readers will see the reason for Trent's anger and escape from his wife and the church: Love.

A friend helped me see that yesterday. We get most angry at those things we most love. Trent must really love the church, and later sections of the novel will help readers see that.

And his wife...This was the most difficult thing for me to write about. I can't imagine running from the love of my life (29th anniversary in a about a week!). But Trent, as the book demonstrates, felt his marriage was broken beyond repair. As the story unfolds, Trent and his wife Natalie will face tough choices. And I believe Trent's heart at the very end of this novel (feels like it needs a sequel) will reveal truth our culture dearly needs to grasp. So hang in.

Finally, someone asked me how much of the novel I intend to put on-line before proceeding to print. The only answer I have is: I don't know for sure. I'm hoping to gather enough readers who would buy the book, to make my publishing it worthwhile. (I've emailed a bit with the publisher of THE SHACK, and he recommends all new authors try to develop an organic market on-line in this way, rather than going through a mainline publishing system.)

So, I'd love it if you let me know if you would plan to buy a copy. No promises on your part, I just need to know as a group of interested people develops. There's an email link in the side bar if you'd prefer to let me know of your interest there, or just comment on the post. Or maybe you just want to keep following for a while, to see what you think...

Peace to you!

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Anonymous said...

As Trent's story unfolds before your eyes, I found excitement growing inside myself. At first I thought the excitement grew because more of the intriguing aspects of the story were brought to life. The more I read, I wondered about other readers. What were they thinking when thy read the story? Were they thinking about the place in their minds where they would escape to? I was.

As the plot thickens, you see what could happen if we allow our ministry to become our focus. Too often we confuse God with Ministry. "You have to give your life for ministry"...I've heard before. God never asked us to die for the church. Christ already did that. God asked us and continues to ask us to give our lives to God and die for Him. God and the Church/ministry are two distinct entities. What happens when we work so hard taking care of ministry that we lose sight of God Himself? Trent helps us to see what happens when this happens. I am not sure Trent lost his focus on God...he just got lost in ministry...the good, the bad and the ugly....But lost nonetheless.

Keep reading about Trent's journey. More important than the destination is the journey to the destination. Our journey doesn't have to mirror Trent's story. However, passions sometimes sizzle and sometimes they fizzle. Working through both times, not relying on either, makes the journey more satisfying. I don't live life each day to pastor a church...I live life each day to love my God, my wife, my children and my church.

Runaway Pastor has challenged my priorities. What really matters?

It will challenge you as well.