Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Runaway Pastor: Chapter 5

Thanks to all who are giving me feedback. Exciting to have a first reader from Europe this week.

However! I had no idea the spot you were in this week. I just spoke by telephone with a friend, and he mentioned reading the last two chapters, but not wanting to comment. And I got to thinking...what can you say about what is happening? What is there to discuss? I know it's a messy situation that Trent is in. (That's why I've told you repeatedly that he is not me. But have I told you lately how much I love my wife? Got a big date planned tomorrow night!)

Well anyway, here is chapter five. The soup gets thicker here, but you begin to see just how lost Trent is. I don't want to give the book away, but Trent will eventually do, um, better... Hang in.

If you'd like the first four chapters as well...

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how torn and confused Trent is in thes chapters. I am convienced that most Pastor's love pastoring . . . what they can't handle is working in things and areas they were never meant to work. We are always going to have to do somethings we don't like but if the majority of the time we are doing things we were never meant to do we end up damaged.

I also detect a sense that Trent has been struggling with being something less than a man as a pastor. He is a pastor, not a man to his congregation. I think that has an affect on many Pastor as well. So when Kim begins to pay attention she is meeting a need that has been hidden away as well.

The classic struggle to do what is Holy and pure and righteous over what is easy is awesome . . . we all deal with it everyday. Good writing David.

Zee said...

actually you got two people reading Runaway Pastor from Europe :) me and Nat.

regarding the book: awesome. keep the chapters coming.

regarding Trent's feelings: i guess that's exactly the reason why i could never be a doctor (although it was my life's dream for so long) or a pastor... i would feel too personally responsible for people i treat / pastor. that's what happened to Trent... plus there are too many admin things a pastor has to tend to nowadays that were not present in the early days of the Church (oh, the blessed times... persecution and all, but it's easier to keep one's mind on track... or maybe it is just me)...