Friday, October 31, 2008

The sense of doom...and A little whining

Warning: Whining ahead.

Well, we just got back from a couple of nice days away for our 29th anniversary. Rest. Quiet. Outdoors. Nice. The effects lasted for about ten minutes after I arrived home and get my telephone calls...

Someone called wanting to meet with me tonight. It's "a bone to pick with you" meeting. This is a good person, and they won't be too mean. But I'm pretty sure I know what it is about...and it won't be easy. It's election time. And everyone thinks I need to take their side. And I never announce any side-taking. And this person has already ruffled a few feathers here and there in the church about voting. And there has been more than the typical number of election-time-forwarded-mass-email-bombs landing in my in box from members, with the addresses of other members...passed back and forth through my incoming mail--angrily--to let me know that all is not well in the kingdom.

O well, today, the last day of my mini-vacation, was spent mostly at home, and in a doctor's office with a loved one. I've only thought of the meeting tonight, and the "ten or so pages" I was told I'm going to need to read before the next morning's follow-up meeting, about 50 times. My stomach twinges or cramps every time.

In a comment to an earlier posting, one of you pastors said something about carrying a constant sense of doom. I've felt that much of the day. Actually, I feel it most days. The KINGDOM is so much bigger than this stuff. But my most sincere praying, and my best discerned sermons can't seem to move people to a Higher Loyalty. (And this is the easiest going congregation I've ever pastored.)

I know of several other tussles in the congregation right now. Fortunately, only a few of them have blazes high enough that I need to stamp on them. Maybe if I catch up on those, I can study for Sunday's sermon...I'm only about six to eight hours behind on this one.

Why can't we all just get along?


Rich Schmidt said...

Thanks, David, for sharing this today. It made me glad that I haven't received any of those political emails from congregation members! :) Maybe it's that we've attracted a good mix of Republicans, Democrats, and assorted others to this new church. Maybe it's that I've spoken more than once on how Jesus is neither Republican nor Democrat and that good Christians on both sides are motivated by their faith to vote the way they do. Or perhaps it's something else that I'm not even aware of. But we just don't have any of that here at Living Hope. And now I'm reminded to be grateful! Thank you! :)

Zee said...

i just hope that the elections time will soon pass... although i can only dream about it since we're entering elections time right now in Ukraine. it sucks, sorry for the expression. makes me wish that there was no government at all or theocracy... seems like everyone who's getting into a position of power loses humanity and becomes a slot machine that can lure you into believing that you can win a fortune if you vote for them, but in reality you end up losing all your money in greedy pursue *sigh*

oh well... this too shall pass.