Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Runaway Pastor: The Final Chapter

Today and tomorrow, if I get time, I plan to put the finishing touches on the last chapter of Runaway. I'm only a few minutes away. This is an exciting time. I like the ending that has developed. Although I wrote an ending more than a year ago, this one is more true to the manuscript and direction of the book.

Thanks to all who asked for chapters 8-the end! Hopefully the wait won't be much longer. Just about every day now, one or two people give me feedback on the first seven chapters, and you are very encouraging. Just FYI, those who helped me with the entire manuscript have reported fast-paced reading, and some stayed up through much of the night to finish the book. And the edited ending is much better.

Well, I plan to go home for a while today and watch this historic inauguration. Should be something to see. I'm still remembering last winter's Iowa Caucuses. On that night it seemed our new president claimed the heart of much of America. All of us, no matter political leanings, are on the verge of a new day with new reasons to pray for our president and all governmental leadership.

I pray for grace and peace and wisdom from the Mighty One for you, my president, Barack Obama.

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