Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Runaway Pastor: Just for fun--Who is reading?

Just for fun! In the spirit of the NFL Play-Offs and the BCS bowl games, I thought it might be fun, (or at least interesting) to post the current standings on various states visiting this website over the past month. (OK, this is goofy!)

Most visitors are reading the front page, and then chapters 1-7 and The Parable of the Gym entries.

First, for the national standings:
1st place: The United States of America
2nd place: Ukraine
3rd place: Israel

Next, for the state standings:
1st: Indiana
2nd: California
3rd: New York
4th: Michigan
5th: Tennessee
6th: Texas
7th: Utah
8th: Arkansas
9th: Kansas
10th: Georgia

So in the spirit of competition, let's talk it up, and I'll keep you posting on how your state is doing. (There are ten other states close to making the top ten.)

And, since Ukraine is doing such a stellar job (with Zena our most courageous and prolific commentator) and the Eastern Christmas is upon us, С РОЖДЕСТВОМ!!


singledad said...

I think it is extremely courageous for any writer to expose a work in progress to an audience. I love the premise of this novel, but today is my first time on this blog, so I have gone no further than the introduction and some excerpts. I look forward to reading it and applaud the courage of approaching such a subject and inviting review of the narrative in progress. I have heard this is how books get written nowadays and have a friend who wrote a successful one in this manner. This process represents, in my opinion, a fascinating step in the history of literature.

david said...

Thanks, singledad. You've encouraged me. Hope you enjoy the reading. And, if you have any suggestions. Get them to me quickly. I'm working with an editor, trying to put a final manuscript in order.

Peace and strength, in your living and fathering.

Zee said...

tee-hee, great to see that Ukraine takes second place :)

and, indeed, с Рождеством! or, since it's Ukraine and not russia, i guess i should say, з Рiздвом! :)