Friday, January 9, 2009

Runaway Pastor: Publishing Hopes Growing!!

Well, this is the first substantive news I can share regarding the possibility of publishing The Runaway Pastor. Today, my day off, and late other nights after my duties are on stand-by, I am in the process of editing the book chapter by chapter.

The reason for this is that Mark Gilroy, who until recently was a publisher with Thomas Nelson, has returned to book packaging and literary management. He feels like Runaway "hits the mark on some huge issues for ministers and in the church in general." He is now representing The Runaway Pastor as a two-book proposal!

Mark hasn't formally presented the book yet but there are already two publishers who have requested the manuscript based on casual conversation. So we are doing this round of editing (something about my commas :-0) before presenting the manuscript - but it's encouraging to know there is already significant interest.

I also like the fact that one result of Mark's agent work in the past, was his last fiction client, Nicole Seitz. She is now working on her fourth book of a seven-book contract - and her latest release, Trouble the Water, was listed by Yahoo as a top 50 book of the year in '08.

Obviously, Mr. Gilroy's talents provide me no assurances of this going further. But this entire process has been good. And I'm enjoying an avocation for a change. Maybe Trent needed one!

So, I'm tapping away at my keyboard while sitting next to my warming fire. (Might as well because even my 4WD couldn't make it safely down my driveway today.)

Peace to you, and thanks for looking in now and then.


Zee said...

first of all - *performing a lil tribal (but Naz-approved) dance to express my happiness*

Mark Gilroy sounds really good. i checked his blog out (the link you've attached). and considering the numerous books of TN that i've read, they know a good book ;-)

i've got a feelin' that this work will be an instrument in God's hands (this phrase became sort of cliche nowadays since a lot of people use it out of context, but i seriously mean it). reading about just the beginning of Trent's journey gave me hope that something sooooooo good is in store! (God usually has something up His sleeve and He pulls it out when we least expect Him to).

all this to say - *thumbs up* and *prayers lifting* ;-)

Rich Schmidt said...

I think I told you in an email, but I'll post it here, too: I'm very excited about this! :) Congratulations on taking a major step toward publication! I'm praying that things go smoothly....