Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whirlwind Week: A note about both novels

The past week has been a blur. I'm sorry I've been absent from here. When I've had a moment, I've had to put my creativity elsewhere.

However, I've had some good feedback from Mark Gilroy (my agent) regarding publisher responses to The Runaway Pastor. Still no contract. Some publishing houses still reading it. A cool rejection though! Sorry, can't explain that comment, but sometimes we might be defined by those who don't like our slant. And this one was OK with me.

Also, I continue to believe that some news regarding the publishing of The Runaway Pastor will be coming here very soon. Stay tuned.

Another cool development today. A well known personality who contacted me recently hoping for good news regarding Runaway's. They have committed to endorsing the book and writing some stuff for the back or front cover when it is published.

One more thing, a friend in the business gave me some awesome (and gratis!) advice on BREAKERS. I am so grateful, and hope to begin doing some more work on it before long. Don't be surprised if there is some additional material included in already posted chapters.

Finally, I am a pastor. The busy-ness this week has been intense yet gratifying. I do love the people I work with and those of our community. Tomorrow I will help with a funeral service. Two little girls and their mommy are grieving a daddy and husband and community hero who died too young. I pray for the grace of Christ to bring strength and healing to their broken hearts. I would appreciate you doing the same.


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Jessica said...

Exciting! That's kind of a tough place to be, when you're waiting and watching. I can't wait for news!