Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good days...

I had a call last night. A friend's wife wants to meet with her husband and me when we have coffee next week. She wants to "outline and give me content for each chapter of a sequel for The Runaway Pastor, and then write the last chapter to end just the way she is hoping it will." Yes, she had a smile in her voice while making the offer.

So then, yesterday was an unusual day, and a fun one when it came to the book project. I had four people tell me (people that I didn't know were reading the book, and one of them from Oregon!) they had just read the book, and that they really liked it. A couple were getting more copies as gifts. The day before that a few others told me the same. My publisher gave me good news (if somewhat nebulous) about the amazon.com sales (I'm still wanting to know how many have sold).

Keep spreading the word. I'm counting on you to help me get the message of The Runaway Pastor out there!

This morning I drove north to meet with a church planter in Indy. Exciting work he has done over the past several years. Last night I came up as well to meet with leaders of Shepherd Community. Amazing ministry they are doing in the city. Their 501c3 has adopted 550 low-income or no income families, committing to help educate their children from the womb to age 25. Their goal: "To break the cycle of poverty." I'm encouraged by the way they have made a long-term commitment to the problem in the city...not just a quick fix meal program.

Tomorrow I had plans to see a "retired" (though incredibly engaged in ministry) Catholic Sister who helped mentor me in my early years. She is having another go-round with cancer, and things have gotten tough with her latest treatments. I received word that she will not be able to see me, and it is painful to think she may be failing. But tomorrow is hinting at some mystery weather--perhaps a bit severe--so I'll probably head south toward home a bit earlier than anticipated.

Peace to you.

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