Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joy to the World: How to find the holiday spirit again

Had a great time at Shepherd Community in Indianapolis the other night. This is becoming my favorite event of the season. We assisted clients to pick-out Christmas gifts for their children and then wrap them. I have been praying for the Latino mother I assisted with my weak Spanish and glowing heart.

If you don't know about Shepherd Community, check this out.

If you are struggling to find the joy in the Christmas, look for it among those who are hurting this season. Visit someone who is sick, or in prison. Or take some food to someone who doesn't have enough. Perhaps you could donate to a well drilling project for some African village? Maybe you could buy some new clothes--just like the ones you buy for your family--to give to someone who doesn't have enough. Maybe you could watch the video at the web link above and donate $5 or $500 dollars to Shepherd Community?

Joy to the world.

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Mark said...

My heart will always be there and the time I spent will be great memories for a lifetime. Diane and I talk about the staff who started it all, and the new staff who continue the mission of Jesus. The relationships we made are ones we will never forget. Shepherd Community is a GIFT from God.