Thursday, December 3, 2009

Runaway Reviews and Special Offer

I am encouraged by reviews people are giving my new novel--The Runaway Pastor. In recent email conversations with a researcher studying pastoral burnout, seems The Runaway Pastor is striking a nerve in the real world of research. These issues are front and center with church/denominational leadership groups. The fallout amongst clergy is beginning to shake the church world.

Copied below are a couple of the reviews found on The first is from a real runaway pastor, and the second from a grateful wife. Both help me feel I've struck a nerve that need twanged.

As a runaway pastor in my own right, this book finally tells the story I believe many people like myself have wanted to share - but couldn't. I believe most Church leaders will catch momentary, if not complete, glimpses of themselves in this book. While some leaders will rejoice about the truth being told in such a real way, I can see others being afraid of what honest conversation this book could bring forth from other friends and followers.

This book fills a void in Christian fiction novels that I didn't even realize existed until after I read it. There are countless other books about issues that plague todays church, but I have come across none that convey them in such a compelling way.

For a first book, the author shows to have the ability to strip the external symptoms of problems and get at the real internal issue of the heart. He does not waste time on contrite ideologies, but instead shows the pain and freedom that accompany real life change. I found myself unable to do anything other than read this book in one sitting.

Don't let the title fool you either, this book is about so much more than a runaway pastor. It is about the runaway in all of us, and the commitment we so often lack to the things that truly matter the most.

And the second from a grateful wife:

My husband and I loved the book. He never reads fiction and found that he could not put the book down. That feat alone makes me very thankful to the author. But I'm also thankful that he addressed some very real issues within this fictional story. I think this would be a great book for our small group to read and then discuss.
And finally, I'm thankful for the ending. Read it!

Your candid reviews of the book at amazon would also be very welcomed!

Bulk or Christmas Orders of The Runaway Pastor.
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Zee said...

wow, David! great reviews (for even greater book)!!!

i wish the book was in Russian too... i think a lot of pastors here (as well as us, "mere mortals") would as easily associate their own situations with Trent's.

Mark said...

I'm glad you are getting the reviews you are, it continues to prove what you and I continue to talk about and I'm so very thankful for you and your words in the book.

Anonymous said...

Aw, if I'd read this earlier, I would have ordered 8 to have them signed. :-( I have 2 on the way right now. How are sales going - all I hear are rave reviews! I'm giving one to Michael.
Mary G. (Muncie)

Wendi Gordon said...

Wow...I just finished reading the two chapters you have posted online and am impressed by both your writing ability and your courage to address the issues so many struggling pastors face daily.

As a pastor, pastor's spouse, and now founder of a company which provides life coaching, workshops, and other resources for clergy, I am grateful for what you have written and eager to read more. I might also be interested in reviewing your book in my monthly newsletter for clergy, and adding it to the list of recommended books on my website.

I hope your book becomes a bestseller and generates a lot of conversations about the unique stresses clergy and their families face and the church's failure to provide an adequate support system.