Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Mornings

Fatigue wraps its fog around my mind as I trudge my way into an other Monday. Yesterday was a good day. Last night was a short night. This morning came early, sliding sideways down my hill in 4-wheel-drive, on my way to a friend's surgery. He did well.

The morning is gray and dense. Trees and the hills in the distance are merely suggestions, hints that their shaded outlines have material reality. My mind is a similar a fog. I know I'll wake up somewhat tomorrow--a Tuesday tradition. But while I plod along in this misty place, and still try in vain to prepare for Christmas Eve services and the Sunday to come; I'll hold memories of the laughter last evening while gathered around our living room with friends. And I'll grin in the grayness.


Mark said...

Pondering is what I am doing a lot lately. Watching, listening, reading and just thinking about how fast time flies and what I'm going to do today to impact one person's life. Thanking Him for the moments, and am beginning to pick up the pen so to speak (really the keyboard) and write again. Feels good, feels like I'm coming back to some degree.

Zee said...

love your descriptions... and waking up is a good Tuesday tradition :-)

last week was quite foggy over here... sitting in my office on 15th floor next to the window felt like sitting in a rising airplane, just as it makes its way through the clouds and i kept catching my mind thinking that soon we'll rise above this fog and clouds and the sun will shine in all its glory.