Thursday, March 26, 2009

At Home--Away from Home

There have not been many times in my life that I did what I did just a few hours ago. It took raw courage, or it took confidence in a friendship.

Tomorrow is my weekly day-off. On Fridays I typically spend my time away from the phone, avoid work emails, and enjoy life with my family. This afternoon I received word that a very important person in my life (and in my congregation's) was having open heart surgery tomorrow. It was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

And then, this evening after my hike, I was informed that things will begin in the morning at 6 hour and a half away. And that is when I did what requires either raw courage, or just good friends. I called one of several couples that would have welcomed me in there home tonight; this couple lives 5 minutes from the hospital I'll visit tomorrow. I said, "Hey, could I crash at your place tonight?"

Twenty seconds later, I ended the call and packed my toiletries and a book bag. Twenty minutes later, I was driving north.

This week, for some reason I've been writing of intimacy, touching and connecting. Tonight I'm staying with friends that I could call in the middle of the night and they'd let me in with a "welcome." Last night, a dear friend "crashed" at our place on his way south to do some business. No warning needed. He's one of us.

If you are younger, I'd recommend you build up an account of dear friends. Friends you trust and love, and that you'd do anything for--and visa-versa. What greater treasure could there be?

Tomorrow night, my wife and I have a couple coming for the weekend. They too fit this description.

Connect away! And peace to you.

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Zee said...

praying for your friend