Monday, March 9, 2009

An Important Question for Readers of this Blog: Another Book Start?

Thanks to all of you who check in here. It is fun to follow my analytics program, and see the daily traffic from around the country, and even around the globe.

I can't help noticing though, that since I've quit posting new sections of my book, the traffic has slowed somewhat. And it was fun back in the days last fall when I would add a chapter of The Runaway Pastor each week. Well, I have a new idea.

While my agent is out marketing the The Runaway Pastor, would you like another story?

Several years ago, I started a novel. Each year between Christmas and New Years, I'd take the time to write, just for fun. Those who saw it, were compelled by the story and the unusual plot. I called it Breakers.

Well, anyway. I'll ask any of you who show up here. Would you be interested in me posting the first chapters of another novel? (A crashed hard drive lost most of the book, but I had printed a hard copy of the initial chapters.) Are you interested? It might even spur me to finish that one. I really did like it, the story is the favorite I've ever thought up! Let me know...



Zee said...


*hopping up and down at the prospect of reading new stuff* :)

Rich Schmidt said...

Sure, David. As long as you don't mind typing it all in again. :)

Jamie H Davis said...

Yes! I would enjoy reading more of your work! :)

(hopping up and down, too!)


Zee said...

(haha - thanks for joining me in hopping up and down, Jamie! i got used to the fact that i am a misfit in most of the cases, but it certainly feels good to know that i'm not the only one being all giddy about the new reading material :-)))

david said...

OK. I'm "hopping" to it. Almost have the first chapter finished.

Jamie H Davis said...

Well, hooty-hoo!! :)

[Hi, Zee.]