Monday, March 16, 2009

BREAKERS: Chapters 1 and 2 and I think the link works!!!

Well, thanks for your interest. I can't believe how many people have already downloaded the first chapter. Last night, after an incredible day (Worship, performing a wedding for a girl I met the day she was born over 21 years ago, and attending two birthday parties) I had a chance to type in most of the next chapter. I finished chapter two early this morning.

Here are the first two chapters of my first experimentation with a novel--which has been buried for seven or eight years. I call it Breakers.

Grace and peace.



Marcus said...


I can't get the link to work. It might be my own limited (purposefully so...haha) technological ability. But, if not, there may be an error with the link.

Jamie H Davis said...

Love it so far! You left us hanging, though! What happens next? I hope Kenna is okay....



Jamie H Davis said...

BTW.... the link works.

Zee said...

Kiev, Ukraine, eh? :D goof. but then i didn't really think you'd use Moscow (haha - try finding simplicity there!) or some obscure village (although there are good cute villages around Ukraine) :)))

i still don't know how you can trade shoes for a beach chair :D in my mind's eye, i still get that image of Cameron (that's his full name, right?) wearing a beach chair. LOL... but then, i am a goof.

(technological note: google docs totally rule. i forgot to download the text into my PDA to read it on the way home, but i went online and google docs have the feature of text wrap-around. okay, i am off my tech soapbox))))

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the next chapter!!!!

Zee said...

Anonymous: joining you in waiting!!! :)