Thursday, March 12, 2009

BREAKERS: Chapter One

Well, this is bold. Only because we are in "wait mode" for The Runaway Pastor to be marketed, do I introduce a book I've started, lost much of (due to a hard-drive crash) and put away for years.

Breakers is the first book I wrote. I hope I've gotten better since I wrote this--and yes, I've edited a bit as I've typed it back into the laptop. I do love the people of the story. They are kind of like friends I met seven or eight years ago, and always wondered how their story ended. Maybe you can help me decide.

I'm certain there will be multiple/many/a lot of editing errors. But here you go. It's a short chapter, but it is a start. And after posting, I'm heading for a night away with Shelly.

BREAKERS is here----

If you like it, spread the word! You may need another chapter though.

Peace to you!


Zee said...

oooooh, the suspense of the last sentence (of the book)! love the beginning and the characters (well, except Harkens :)))

one thing i wondered however... how can you trade shoes for a beach chair? :D

looking forward for more ;)

Zee said...

btw, may i be nosy and ask which part of former USSR did Cam visit? :)))))))

david said...

Check it again Zee. A little editing happened while you weren't looking. I needed to be a bit more familiar with the setting there...grin.

It is taking me forever to find 3 minutes to type in more. But I've looked ahead, and I really like this. I think it'll be fun if I can ever get it edited as I go.