Thursday, April 23, 2009

About your feedback, spreading the word, and my current writing on BREAKERS.

I'm getting feedback from many of you about chapter 5. THANK YOU!! And let me remind you and request feedback of you once again. Why? It really helps me to measure response when it comes into this one place, it helps me develop content for the books and postings, and it helps toward the goal of developing a market for The Runaway Pastor.
--If you are not a "follower," please sign-in as one. This involves nothing but signing-in. Nothing new will happen, I'll just have a more complete list of the number of people who read occasionally. You can even do this with a fake name or moniker, or anonymously.
--Please leave comments if you are willing. Write down that password, or redo it and write the new one down. It just helps. Again, you can be an anonymous commenter as well!
--The very easiest way to comment is simply to click one of the three options at the bottom of each posting..."like it," "interesting," or "hmmm." Each time you read, just click there. I get several dozen visits each day, I'd love to know what you are thinking.
--One tool that can help you if you want is the RSS feed. Scary sounding to those of us who are not techno savvy! However, it is simple! It will let you know everytime there is a new post, or a new comment, or both. (You choose.) If you don't like it, you can nix it passwords for that feature. This helps us keep a communication flow going.

Now, about spreading the word. This entire blog experience has been fun and encouraging to me. Thanks to those of you who make your presence known. I follow the traffic here with my google analytics account. Fascinating. And the word is spreading about the books I'm posting here, as well as some of my regular posts. It is fun to see the total grow to nearly 40 states involved in reading as well as several countries at any given time. THANK YOU! Here is my request: If you have any friends that you think would enjoy, benefit or be encouraged by what you read here--please pass the word along. How?
--Post the link occasionally in your facebook, twitter, or myspace status--"I'm enjoying a book at"
--Or, just email a friend that address with the message, or blog it, or snail mail it, or whatever. Zee, who often comments here, has done several cool things at her blog -- (click and check it out...she's a great writer and English is her third language and she is less than half my age!!!!) and she has increased traffic from's how this internet thing goes and grows. You get the idea?
--All of these things help toward the eventual goal of getting my books in print.

So here is some stuff about BREAKERS.

I have changed so much in order to slow the "Jon" plot line, that the entire story is morphing. In my original manuscript, he had already really gotten rotten and the story was big-time different by now. So now I have red notes and arrows all over my old hard copy and every conversation and event in the book is effected. I love it this way, because I've known Cam and Kenna for about eight years, and they weren't developed enough in the original. Jamie commented (and others via facebook and email) that the fifth chapter left them hanging...and it did me too! I am excited to see how things unfold, but so far the sixth chapter is may favorite. Your comments to me along the way really do help in the development of the story.

Well, this is too long, so I'll cut it here. Peace to you, and feedback please! :)

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Zee said...

thanks for promotion of my blog and for your kind words :) hehehe.

lookin' forward to the chapter 6 - who left the lights on? :)

out-of-blue note: it's funny that you called RSS simple, 'cuz that's what it literally stands for "Really Simple Syndication"... not sure if you were aware of this fact or not when you were writing this - and btw, i got your blog's RSS in my outlook - REALLY convenient thing! (hint hint, dear fellow readers))))