Friday, April 17, 2009

Waiting for a Grandchild, Breakers in the Waiting Room?

Wow. It's different, this time spent waiting. We have prepared ourselves for a grandchild--our first. But now that we think we are ready...we wait.

Her dresser is filled with baby girl stuff. Her first few hundred diapers are purchased. Her parents have moved next door to us, and have nearly completed a room addition. (Yesterday we waited by painting.)

Today I waited by taking my day off in the forest hiking. I walked for five hours and around fifteen miles up and down hills, waiting. I suppose that is better than pacing outside of a delivery room. When mountain bikers asked me about my hike, I spoke of my daughter and her new baby. When the guy at the park gate gave me a map, I told him too. When a fellow hiker tagged along for the last few miles; he got filled-in. (You know, lots of pink in the room, I've greased-up the rocking chairs, and I'll be sure and teach her to hike.... That kind of stuff.)

My facebook status is an update about our waiting. I'm on the road this Sunday afternoon until next Wednesday; unless the waiting is over, and then the people I'm "coaching" in Ohio will be put on hold, and I'll get on the road toward the place of ...waiting.

So, I guess I'm not producing much here. I'm doing my work week as much like usual as possible--while--we--wait.

I'm thinking I'll take Breakers and my laptop with me to the hospital. Who knows, maybe I'll be extra creative while waiting there. But here, in my usual writing place, all I can think of is waiting...

Peace to you.

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