Friday, April 10, 2009

Serpents or Doves? And Breakers Timing

I wanted to link my readers to a post I just read. Such screaming back and forth between emergent and post-modern and traditional and poser people. I like the angle another blogger gave to this. You may too: Check it out here.

Plus, I know it's been a week since I put another chapter up...but this is a special week, you know. I hope to get back on pace next week. Maybe. Probably. Early in the week.

Peace to you. (Unless you need to be serpentine.--If you don't get this, click the link above.)


Zee said...

hmmm... that's one interesting blog (the linked one). it left me completely confused 'cuz i don't think i get what the author's trying to tell. or i am sort of getting it. reminded me of a book i've started reading back when i was in the US - "No More Christian Nice Guy" (it's more of a guys' book, but you know my addiction to books :))))... the author there, Paul Coughlin, talks about how Christians should not be about fake niceness (or dove-ishness), but instead be real.

so often Jesus is portrayed as a person who talked about turning another cheek or being meek, that the passages where He was at the Temple getting rid of the money collectors and another one where He was calling Pharisees "white washed tombs with dead bodies inside" make us feel awkward (at least it used to make me feel like "whoa, Jesus, wait a minute! you can't call people names!")... and that's the reason many people (especially guys) are turned away from Church.

had a conversation with one of my co-workers, R, a couple of weeks ago. he and another friend of mine, T, got into an argument regarding Bible and that he, R, can't see no point in it (R is claiming to be an atheist, T is a Christian).

R was mostly saying that he's not gonna just turn another cheek because it is a dumb thing to do. i as sitting with my back to them, at my desk, but then turned and said to R that it's not that Christians are called to just let the bullies do whatever. first, you choose your battles - there are times when you stand your ground (you might get hurt, but it's the right thing to do anyway - and i've recently read about it *somewhere*), and sometimes when standing your ground won't help to solve the conflict, you try to "solve the conflict in a non-conflict way." but that does not mean standing there and saying "oh hit me, i'm a Christian."

anyway. i'm off the soapbox :)

david said...

Zee, I think this blogger was aiming at the emergent church crowd. It is trendy to be a "dove" in those circles. And he was pointing-out to them that wisdom--even cunning is required, and that perhaps they are a bit too one sided or simplistic.

I also think I was, in my holy-week-head, thinking of where the emergent crowd would stand/where I would stand/where various subgroups would stand in relation to the hucksters in the crowd at Jesus' trials? I like your addition to the mix--the gender impact. Hmmm.

Zee said...

@David: OOOOOOH, so that's what the guy meant? yeah, i am confused :)

most emergent guys i know are not that dovey. but then, i guess i see the point - they try to assimilate...sort of. i guess i am somewhere in between - can't say i am really conservative, but at the same time can't say i'm really into emergent because they just seem too conforming (romans 12:2)...

that's a good question... i keep asking myself that every so often... and feelin' like Peter. it's easy for me to say "yes, i'll be there!" and i will do my best to do just that. but a part of me is still scared that i would've ran away when the guards came. it's easy to say "i'll be there" when i know the WHOLE story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. but when you're LIVING it...